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Air Purifiers
Are Air Purifiers Worth It?
Hands down, yes. As long as you get an air purifier that was designed to tackle the problem you are having and is the right size to handle the space, air purifiers are an economic way to purify your home’s air so you and your family can breathe easier.
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How Many Air Purifiers Do I Need?
Using air purifiers in your home is a great way to clean the air and make it healthier to breathe for you and your family. If you’ve never used an air purifier before, you may have some questions. One of the most common questions we get from customers is, “How many air purifiers do I need?” In this article we’ll cover the basics so you can confidently shop for the air purifiers that will best match your situation and keep your indoor air healthy.
Can an Air Purifier Remove Mold?
Can an Air Purifier Remove Mold? Yes, an air purifier will remove the mold spores that are circulating around your home's environment. Learn how they work and what features to look for.

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