Whether it’s from Fido rolling around in your neighbor’s pond or the spicy goulash from last night, sometimes our homes don’t smell as fresh as we’d like them to. In warm weather, it’s easy to open windows to let the odors out and the fresh air in. But the weather doesn’t always cooperate.

That’s where an air purifier can help.

Odors are actually caused by tiny molecular compounds that get distributed in the air. When these compounds come in contact with your nose’s olfactory nerves, your brain detects the scent.

Air purifiers continuously cycle the air in a room, removing these airborne particles and trapping them in the unit’s filter. The best units for this type of smelly job are the ones that use a HEPA filter as well as a pre-filter that uses activated carbon to absorb odors.

If you’d like your house to smell fresher, take a look through our air purifiers. We offer HEPA filter systems as well as pre-filter systems.

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